History of the Arbutus Big Red Organization

Welcome to the official website of the Arbutus Big Red Semi Pro football
team which is located in Baltimore MD. The Big Red is an unlimited amateur football team and accepts players starting at the age of 18.The Big Red was founded by Mr. George "STUD MUFFIN" Kendrick. Mr.Kendrick has been coaching since 1946 and at the tender age of 82 he is still going strong. His goal is to offers his knowledge of football to all his players and provide young men the opportunity to play the game of football.The Big Red is affiliated with the *_Mason Dixon Football League* (MDFL*_).* The Mason Dixon consists of teams from NJ, MD, VA, and NC.The Big Red is one of the oldest active amateur football organizations in the country and have been fielding teams since 1926. The Big Red is also part of the *_Arbutus Athletic Association (A.A.A.)._* *The Arbutus.A.A*. is a proud sponsor of youth team sports in Arbutus and surrounding counties. The Arbutus.A.A. provides youth sports in football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and girls cheer leading. The Big Red and the Arbutus A.A. just celebrated their 83th year in existence.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality as a football team on and off the field. We believe that what makes a team is team work and dedication. When you put both of these two major factors together you make a champion! Not only do we expect the best out of you but, we desire for you to have commitment to us, the team, and yourself. We do not cut anyone. You cut yourself! We do not make any promises but we will provide you the best opportunity to play the game of football. We believe the blueprint to becoming champions starts at practice. Practice determines the fate of a team. The Arbutus Big Red is one family and we're all important to the family.. Each individual plays a part in the success of the team. We look for the kind of players that will come to practice and work hard to the best of their abilities. Our mission is set at the start of the season. Our goal this year is to win the championship! Dedication and Determination equals a winner!


The Basics of the Big Red Organization

Team dues are $200 per Player

($200 includes the following) *Game socks *Jerseys (both Home and Away) *Association fee with the Arbutus A.A.

Each Player must supply their own football equipment.
Games, Practice and locations:
Our season consists of 14 game schedule (2 scrimmages, 2 preseason games and 10 regular season schedule)
We will have 5 home and 5 away games!
We practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 pm
All Home games are played at Arbutus Middle School which is located at 5525 Shelbourne Rd Arbutus Md 21227
and we practice on the lower field of the middle school.